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Our new product SDVS30 series controllers sort feeding parts by optical feature of parts

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In automatic vibrating feeding system, you will encounter the situation that feeding workpiece has the same shape so that the feeding device can not sort it by shape. If the workpiece has different optical features itself, the SDVS30 series controller can sort the feeding parts based on its surface reflective property. The controller is so intelligent that you only need set it with simply operation steps. The following takes the sorting material as an example to introduce the operation steps of the controller.

The scene of sorting feeding parts with SDVS30 as follows:
Description of controller
The SDVS30 control panel as follows:
Figure 1: control panel of controller
The SDVS30 upper panel as follows:
Figure 2: upper panel of controller
The SDVS30 below panel as follows:
Figure 3: below panel of controller
You only need provide the compressed air which pressure not exceeds 5 Bar for the controller, and the air input tube installation as follows:
 Figure 4: installation of air input tube
The output air tube for blowing the parts, and its installation as follows:
 Figure 5: installation of air output tube
The installation of optical fiber sensor as follows:
Figure 6: installation of optical fiber sensor
Our SDVC series controller can power to the SDVS30 controller, and the wiring method as follows:
Figure 7:  wiring method of power supply for SDVS30
Sorting feeding parts video
This video include all the above operation steps of setting controller for sorting feeding parts and the effect of sorting feeding parts.
  1. The SDVS30 series controllers include two types controller : one (Type: SDVS301) has single optical fiber sensor and another (Type: SDVS30) has dual optical fiber sensor .
  2. This controller can solve much problem in feeding system, please pay attention to the follow-up articles.
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