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The "Preset Speed" help you using two digital signal to switch feeder speed that you could preset

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In the process of the auto-manufacturing, engineer need to switch between different speeds according to different materials. For convenience and easy adjustment, presetting the feeder speeds which will be remembered by the controller,  when the materials is changed, use two digital signal to Switch the corresponding speed that remembered.
I will show you how to use the "Preset Speed" function that switching the feeder speeds using two digital signal.


You need to prepare a vibratory feeder controller (Product Type: SDVC20S), 15 Pin Plug, two self-locked switch and some wires, As follows:

Figure 1: Vibratory feeder controller (Product Type: SDVC20S)
Figure 2: 15 Pin Plug 
Figure 3: two switches
The schematic and physical diagram of wiring to the controller are as follows:
Figure 4: Schematic diagram of switch wiring
Figure 5: Physical diagram oswitch wiring
The video 1 show you how to wire the switch to controller:
Video 1: wring the switch to the controller

The "Preset speed" can switch between four speeds and the speed is decided by the combined state of two digital signals. when switch A or switch B signal is valid, The speed A or B indicator will be Correspondingly light up, as follows table 1:
The state of Speed A Indicator
and Speed B Indicator 
Default Output Voltage "H"
 Speed 1  
Speed A  Indicator:  Dark
Speed B  Indicator:  Dark
 Speed 2  Speed A  Indicator:  Dark
Speed B  Indicator:  Light
 Speed 3  Speed A  Indicator:  Light
Speed B  Indicator:  Dark
 Speed 4  Speed A  Indicator:  Light
Speed B  Indicator:  Light
Note: you could find the output voltage "H" LED symbol on the panel of the controller.
The video 2 show you in details how to adjust the presetting speed, as follows:
Video 2: feeder speed adjustment
Note: The adjusting speed will be remembered by the controller automatically. 
The video 3 show you in details how to switch between four speeds which have preset in the video 2, as follows :
Video 3: switching between four preset speeds
  1. The type of switch A and switch B can be NPN sensor, self-lock switch, Relay or other NPN signal.
  2. The type of controller including the "Preset Speed" function are SDVC20-L, SDVC22-S, SDVC21-S, SDVC34 Series, SDVC41-M.
  3. If the preset speeds over four speeds, you could use the "Remote speed" function, please click here :The "Remote speed " help you to solve the trouble that manually adjusting the feeder speed
  4. Each of our products have this "Preset Speedfunction.
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